Code Triage - Candace Calvert

I LOVE getting books in the mail (especially when they're free! Thank you, Tyndale!). This book, in particular, was anxiously awaited - I practically ran to the mailbox after arriving home from work each day. I don't know why I was so excited to get this book, Code Triage, by Candace Calvert, but I was stoked when it finally did come. Unfortunately, I was somewhat put off by the somewhat (I think) ridiculous cover photograph; but after reading the first two chapters, I was hooked!

Calvert's writing draws the reader into the story quickly, and her descriptions are clear and concise. She weaves a somewhat predictable story; however, her characterization makes the reader thirst for more of what will happen. I appreciated the focus on truth and the faithfulness of God, and the oh-so-common human desire for space. I may be the only person to think so, but I did not like how evil Sam was made out to be. While I completely agree that her actions and desires were horrible, I wonder if maybe Calvert could have still made her out as the "bad guy" without the twirling of the mustache and "muah-ha-ha"-ing. Overall though, an enjoyable read! Thanks, Ms. Calvert!

I received this book free of charge from Tyndale. My review contains only my opinions!

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