The Truth of the Matter - Andrew Klavan

Wow. I waited anxiously for this book after reading the second in the series, The Only Road Home. When I first saw that The Truth of the Matter by Andrew Klavan was up for review on BookSneeze, I practically squealed with joy. I really enjoyed the second book and was curious as to the truth of what really had happened to poor Charlie West. He awoke one day to find himself wanted for the murder of his best friend, on the run from a terrorist group he had once been a member of, and confused as to who the good guys were.

The Truth of the Matter begins and ends with suspense and the middle of the book is fraught with it. I read this book quickly, gobbling up the mystery and intrigue of Charlie's life. I was pleased to find out more about what had happened to Charlie and to get some answers! Finally!

Klavan writes suspense so well. While some of the plot devices seemed somewhat ridiculous (Milton 2?), this was a great read. My only issue was that I was not expecting another cliffhanger!!

Thank you to Thomas Nelson for providing this lovely reading to me for free. This is my honest opinion about the book.

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