Resurrection in May -Lisa Samson

I was so intrigued when I first saw Resurrection in May posted as one of the review books on Thomas Nelson's BookSneeze. I waited anxiously for the book to arrive, thinking back on other books by Samson I've enjoyed. When it finally came, I was nervous to get started as I knew May, the main character, lives through the Rwanda genocide (something I am interested in, but also struggling with) and then cannot bear to live life as a typical American. I was amazed as I read this book, though, how real May was; how her struggles with PTSD and the American life were understandable. I rejoiced as she grew, cried as she lost battles against God and herself, grieved as her heart broke, winced as her pain washed over the pages.

Samson is a gifted storyteller, as evidenced in her past novels, but reinforced in this stunning novel of redemption and freedom. I would consider this book to be a new favorite, one I don't think is going to drop off my list anytime soon. Thank you, Thomas Nelson for the review copy. These views are my own, and I'm so thankful to have received such an incredible book free!

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