Love, Charleston - Beth Webb Hart

I was amazed at how much I enjoyed Love, Charleston by Beth Webb Hart. At first, it was frustrating, mostly due to my own ridiculousness and silly assumptions...I just assumed that this book was historical fiction, and let's be honest, a lot of Charleston fiction is historical. Plus the cover just made me assume! (A reading strategy I discourage my students against but fell prey to, oops.) Anyway, I reread the first chapter after seeing mention of the Super Bowl and thinking, "wait, when was the first Super Bowl?" Oops, my bad. I ended up having to reread most of the first three or four chapters and memorizing the back cover so I could figure out who everyone was in relation to each other.

Besides my struggles at the beginning, I came to really appreciate this book for its slow action and relatable characters. I empathized with Della, a character who feels trapped by financial worries, but found peace in her resolution. I was angry with the characters who seemed to be throwing their lives away, and not altogether pleased with the story's ending as it seemed somewhat rushed; some characters seemed to be left with loose ends.

Overall, it was a pleasant read and I enjoyed the story. Thanks to booksneeze.com for the review copy. My review was honest and true to my own opinion. I appreciate the good books you publish!

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