Divine Appointments - Charlene Ann Baumbich

Divine Appointments by Charlene Ann Baumbich was a tough read for me. I really wanted to like it because I like most books I read published by WaterBrook Multnomah, but I just couldn't do it with Divine Appointments.

Josie Brooks is single, nearly 50, and thinks she's got it made. A series of events happen that turn her life upside down and she is left trying to figure out her next steps and her life. Her coworkers are dealing with issues in their lives as well, and added together, everyone is faced with decisions to make.

I typically read a book in one sitting, but it took me about three days to finally finish this book. I didn't particularly like Josie's character, nor the other main characters. I found one character's attempts at a novel to be ridiculous; there had to be a better way for this character to express her emotions.

Although I really wanted to like this novel, I really just ended up ploughing through it mindlessly bored.

Thank you anyway, WaterBrook Multnomah, for the review copy. My opinions are my own honest ramblings.

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